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Thermosynchronics considers heat as potential energy, caused by absorption of light and/or other kinds of electromagnetic radiation in the so-called 'molecular thermosphere'.
Temperaturedifference between adjoining molecules or moleculeclusters, causes a vibration-synchronizing force which thermal balance (temperature equally) creates by which also radiation exchanges.
The so-called "Brown's movements" from small particles in transparant fluids and elastic fluids (gas), also might be caused by differences in temperature (asynchronics) in consequents of light absorption during the necessity of 'visibility'.

Related studies are:
Thermodynamics, heat propagations and -communication, the universal light speed, heat as kinetic energy from molecules, humidity, etc....

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References/ literature,

My state of grounds, to develop thermosynchronics,

The paradoxical, seeming unchangeable universal lightspeed and a design of a customized cosmic lightspeed meter,

Evaporation and the possibility of a gas molecular structure,

Osmotic pressure and the striking analogy with vapour- pressure and

Thermosynchronic views on :
Brown's movements, compression heat, friction heat, radiation heat, electricity heat and the relation between electric- and heat resistance + superconduction, magnetron heat, 0 Kelvin and Entropy + the drive to spontaneous reactions.

Summing up's hypotheses
Gyroscopic propulsion and "black holes" + attachment: (astrophysics) tidal theory
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